1944 N1 Deck Jacket Wax - Navy
1944 N1 Deck Jacket Wax - Navy
1944 N1 Deck Jacket Wax - Navy
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1944 N1 Deck Jacket Wax - Navy

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From the beaches of Normandy to the Pacific Islands, the N1-Deck Jacket was in use and, over time, became the most popular garment of the American Armed Forces.
The construction of the N-1 Deck Jacket consists of a densely woven "Jungle Cloth" outer fabric, which is combined with a woven wool lining. The result is a jacket that is wind- and water-repellent and protects the wearer from the most adverse weather conditions.

The N1 Deck Jacket has three layers of wax, making the jacket almost 100% waterproof. Over time, she develops a beautiful patina and feels great.

Like the original, the 1944 N1-Deck Jacket has the following details:

  • Outer fabric made of tightly woven, double-sided 3-fold waxed "Jungle Cloth"
  • Woven wool lining (100% wool)
  • Outer fabric 100% cotton
  • Vintage Talon Zipper
  • Authentic spec. label
  • Inside circularly knit cuffs
  • Made in Turkey