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Thunders Love
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Thunders Love socks are designed in a little village in the north west of Spain, at the bottom of a beautiful estuary, at the mouth of Lerez river, near Portugal border, there they are produced in small family workshops by hosiers who have been doing this throughout three generations. Thunders Love designs live of the traditional ways of knit in which these hosiers are experts, this combined to the highest cotton quality give the socks its spectacular presence.


Thunders Love work the sock design with the colours and its essence, its architecture, the yarn mixtures and the deep knowledge of the different ways of knitting.
The use of traditional machines provides the possibility to play with sock architecture, the work with “link”, several techniques in yarn mixing to get chromatic games and even in some of the models Thunders Love delete the seam on the tip, this is handmade.
In a world where industry goes at great speed, Thunders Love stand by, respecting the production period of little quantities per day and adapting the designs to the present time.



Thunders Love only use high quality materials, like Egyptian cotton, unique by its finest quality and famous by its long fiber and thin yarn. The long fiber increases the quality of the yarn, and the thin yarn provides more density to the fabric. Another agent that contributes to the high quality of the cotton is its manual harvest, it reduces the pressure on the fiber and protects it better. Recycled cotton is a material adapted to the brand philosophy of the respect of the environment. Thunders Love work with cotton recycled in Spain, with offcuts coming from the textile industry. In order to make this type of cotton, chemical products like chlorine and other aggressive agents for the environment are not needed since the colours are created selecting them without any process of dyeing. Usually while harvesting and processing a lot of water is used, however, the recycled cotton doesn’t need any.