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Puzzle Tee - Black
Take A Way
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The “easy rider” world; the myths of the ’50s Hollywood, like Steve McQueen, Marlon Brando, Paul Newman; when a pair of jeans, a T-shirt, a leather jacket and a motorcycle were enough to leave for new and excting adventures…

Take A Way man takes his inspiration from this legendary wild lifestyle, as the unforgettable protagonist of the film that made history.

With a revised look, simple yet sophisticated, aiming oneness treatments, colors and details. Objective: to make items look like real vintage.

Take A Way tells the journey through a dusty notebook, crumpled, where thoughts crowd the pages alive and make the path real, mile after mile.

Consistent with its origins and its philosophy, the collection is focused on T-shirts, Polos, Bermuda pants, Fleece and Knitwear, that are inspired by travelling wild and free but with so very chic details that the final look is that if a Vintage Dandy Man. Proposals fitted for the man who lives on the bike as a companion for an adventurous lifestyle. But it also captures the man who loves to create its own city style, focusing on sports and casual garments.

Collections focus on three themes: material, color and graphic.

Take A Way man enjoys the pleasure of wearing natural and comfortable fibres, such as jersey, piquet, gabardine and fleece, always 100% cotton or wool/cashmere

Take A Way man loves colour…evergreen gray, blue, white and soft dusted colors, in addiction to an explosion of fresh, bright colors like orange, lilac, turquoise, fuchsia, red, green, purple.

Take A Way man prefers to have painting on garments, printing by hand with the swab technique and sponge, and a wide range of embroideries and patches made by hand.

The care and research of each garment is made stronger by the treatments used, to get the best result after a careful selection of special washing and dyeing that help giving the garments the so desired vintage look.


Take a Way was founded by Daniele Baldassarri, Italian fashion designer, fond of bikes and Hollywood legend Steve McQueen of the 50s-60.

Looking for a product that would appeal to him first, Baldassari has created a brand based on emotion, passion, spontaneity, creativity and research.

A collection treated in details, that places the brand in the world of true vintage, where each style stands beyond fashion and remains untouched by the time.