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Peacoat Island Navy

Peacoat Island Navy

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The classic Camplin Peacoat made by the inventor of Peacoats. Derives after Petty Officer, the P.Coat, invented by Camplin at the end of the 19th century. This jacket is still today a must-have classic in a men´s wardrobe. Super warm, made of water-resistant wool, it keeps you dry and warm whenever wherever.
  • Italian Shetland Rainwool®
  • Rainwool® blend 70/30 wool/polyamid
  • Regular straight fit
  • Horn button fastening
  • Grosgrain ribbon buttonholes reinforcement
  • Cordage rope
  • Two inside zip pockets
  • Two outside patch pockets
  • Code: Peacoat BN-S
  • Length : size 52=88cm

The origins of the Peacoat

The term derives from Petty Officer of the Royal Navy: towards the end of the 19th century, there was a strong need to dress these officers with a uniform that was able to distinguish them from seamen and senior officers.
It was the Camplin family who came up with an answer, designing a P. Coat, later to become known as Peacoat, warm and protective to face days on the open sea, but also strong, practical, elegant and unique.

Features and success

The Peacoat is a short sport coat, originally made of blue or black cloth, in reference to its military origins.
The name also refers to the name of the thick woollen fabric (pij) originally used to make it.
This jacket was soon to become very successful also outside the Royal Navy, even reaching the USA, and today is enjoying a second life thanks to a restyling that enhances its features and originality.

Gross Grain

The blue-green grosgrain ribbon used to reinforce the buttonholes, which brings to mind the ribbon used for the Naval General Service Medal awarded to civilians who distinguished themselves in the service of the Royal Navy.


The Cordage, a short length of cord used as an extension to close the double-breasted jacket; this was used in colder weather when layers of additional clothing worn under the uniform made it impossible to close the jacket using the buttonhole. In this way, each sailor had his personalized cord for sea voyages.

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