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Iron & Resin

Mountain Bag Waxed Canvas - Olive

Mountain Bag Waxed Canvas - Olive

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Iron and Resin Mountain Bag - Rugged Versatility for Everyday Adventures

Description: Named for its rugged versatility, the Iron and Resin Mountain Bag stands as the quintessential everyday companion, whether navigating city streets or exploring off the beaten path. Constructed from our sturdiest Shelter Series 15oz. waxed canvas, this bag boasts durability that matches its timeless style.

Crafted with precision, the Mountain Bag features a roll-top compartment secured by heavy-duty zippers and reinforced by resilient leather straps. The amalgamation of high-quality zippers, canvas, and buffalo hide leather ensures longevity and provides unparalleled protection for your essentials.

  • Dimensions: H 58 cm x W 31 cm x T 13 cm
  • Volume: 22.5L interior space with an accented 8oz yellow lining
  • Material: 15oz honey bee waxed cotton canvas exterior, 1.6-1.8mm heavy buffalo hide leather bottom for added durability
  • Comfort: Adjustable ergonomic padded shoulder straps for enhanced carrying comfort
  • Hardware: Japanese antique brass hardware throughout for a touch of sophistication

Exterior Pockets:

  • 1x large frontside zippered pocket
  • 1x smaller zippered everyday carry pocket
  • 1x large side zippered pocket for easy access to the main compartment
  • 1x backside medium zippered pocket

Interior Pockets:

  • 1x zippered interior pocket for smaller everyday carry (EDC) items
  • 1x padded laptop/tablet sleeve for secure device storage


Benefits of a 15oz waxed canvas

  1. Durability: The weight of the canvas, measured at 15oz per square yard, signifies its robustness and ability to withstand wear and tear. It's heavier and more substantial, providing a sturdier construction that lasts longer compared to lighter-weight fabrics.

  2. Water Resistance: Waxed canvas is inherently water-resistant due to the wax coating applied to the fabric. A 15oz weight indicates a thicker canvas, enhancing its ability to repel moisture and keep the bag's contents dry in light to moderate rain or splashes.

  3. Strength and Stability: The heavier weight of the waxed canvas contributes to its strength and stability. It holds its shape well, making it suitable for bags or items that require structure and support.

  4. Aesthetic Appeal: The heavier canvas often carries a more rugged and authentic look, adding character to the bag. It develops a unique patina over time, creating a personalized appearance as it ages, which many people appreciate.

  5. Enhanced Protection: Beyond water resistance, the heavier waxed canvas provides better protection against abrasions, making it ideal for outdoor or daily use where the bag might encounter rough surfaces or conditions.

  6. Longevity: The combination of the wax treatment and the sturdy 15oz weight ensures the bag's longevity. It's a fabric that becomes better with age, maintaining its durability and functionality through years of use.

Overall, a 15oz waxed canvas offers a balance of durability, water resistance, and aesthetic appeal, making it an excellent choice for crafting rugged and long-lasting bags suitable for various adventures and everyday use.

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