Laguiole knife arto luxe walnut

Laguiole Luxe Arto Tire Bouchon, 12cm, Walnut

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  • 12C27 steel blade
  • With corkscrew
  • Full walnut handle, 12cm
  • Forged Bee
  • Guilloche engraving 
  • Handmade in France

Compared to knives from other regions of France, the lines of a LAGUIOLES are slim and elegant ... unusual for a knife that is home to a farming environment consisting essentially of farmers and livestock farmers, or from "routiers", which is a driving trader With their ox or donkey carts traded through the regions and traded with the products of their homeland.

One would think that knives for these target groups should not be as elegant as the LAGUIOLES. But the surprising thing is that their slender grip follows the lines of the hand perfectly, that it must be neither coarser nor thicker.
It is also undisputed that none of the many other knives from France has so far attracted the attention of architects, designers and creators to an argument with him. A possible answer to this question probably lies precisely in this particularity, its unusually elegant lines.
The Napoléon's bee on the department: Napoléon was deposed in 1815, and all his insignia had to be destroyed, and it was forbidden to continue using his insignia and his beast, the bee. Napoléon died in 1825. The first knife forge settled in Laguiole in 1828...