Bohemian Socks - Chestnut
Bohemian Socks - Chestnut
Bohemian Socks - Chestnut
Bohemian Socks - Chestnut
Thunders Love

Bohemian Socks - Chestnut

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The Thunders Love Bohemian Chestnut socks are made from high-quality Egyptian cotton executing a traditional production process which finishes the seam by hand. They are the expression of Autumn, a season that represents longevity and robustness, creating a bucolic image of time. 

The design intents to reflect this perdurability producing a resistant and durable sock thanks to Egyptian cotton qualities. Besides that, we used colors from autumn inspiration: two tones of dark orange yarns with dainty details in dry green. 

  • Egyptian combed cotton 96% / polyamide 3% / elastane 1%
  • Skin-friendly and soft cotton
  • Hand-linked toe 
  • Vintage design by artistic inspiration
  • Optimum durability 
  • Pilling resistance
  • Perfect fit without pressure 
  • Made in Portugal