Basque Serpent - 10cm - Oak Plaquette Tristelle

Basque Serpent - 10cm - Oak Plaquette Tristelle

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The original home of the BASQUE-YATAGAN (pronounced [bask.ja.ta.ɡɑ̃] ) is the Pyrenees and the Basque regions on both sides of the border between France and Spain. There they still speak the old Occitan accent and call it LOU COTEH PYRÉNÉES.

The Yatagan blade of the BASQUE-YATAGAN is of oriental origin. The crusaders brought it back from the Orient in the Middle Ages and made it native to Spain and Southern France, from where it spread. The line of the blade shape is consistently continued in the curved handle of the knife, whose main feature is a pattern of 10 rivets arranged in a characteristic way. They can be raised in relief or ground flat with the surface of the handle, depending on the task for which the knife was used and the status of its owner.

It is said that BASQUE-YATAGAN are knives made by shepherds who, in the wild mountainous regions of the Pyrenees, have always had to deal with bears and wolves, and therefore needed a solid, steady knife, a "compagnon fidèl", a reliable companion. At the same time, in the version with the profiled rosettes, it was the knife of farmers, especially in the Bergerac region, a center of tobacco growing and cigar making.

By its nature, the BASQUE-YATAGAN is a strong knife, which does not have to shy away from any kind of work. It is also an outdoor knife, which does not have to fear comparison with modern models. This is also reflected in the fact that its handles are traditionally made of hard and resistant materials.

The BASQUE-YATAGAN, based on the classic furniture, was made for PassionFrance® by the cutlers PARAPLUIE (with a smooth back and handle) and ARTO (with a decorated rest/blade back and profiled rosettes). As a sign of their traditional roots and authenticity, they wear the PassionFrance® logo, the coq, on the blades next to the name of the knife, as well as the respective logo of the producing smithy.

  •    Blade: Yatagan blade SANDVIK 12C27, blades non-impact
  •    Blade length x width x thickness: 79 x 16 x 2.8mm
  •    Handle length: 102mm
  •    Total length open: 179mm
  •    Weight: 94g

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