Blend - Red
Blend - Red
Blend - Red
Thunders Love

Blend - Red

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Thunders Love Blend Socks are made with a multicolored blend of recycled cotton to produce padded and resistant yarns. In this way, a quality sock is guaranteed without neglecting fashionable design. 

The Blend socks are made of thin and soft yarns in four different colors: orange, red, white and blue. The sewing machine is responsible for mixing them in the same canal, creating a single multicolored thread. As a result, we obtain a new chromatic combination that transmits energy and it is perfect to wear with sneakers. In addition, they are knitted in ribbed to get an ergonomic fit. 
  • Recycled Cotton 90% / Polyamide 8% / Elastane 2%
  • Finely ribbed knit
  • Perfect fit 
  • Skin-friendly and temperature-regulating cotton 
  • Multicolored cotton blend construction
  • Maximum comfort
  • Sustainable product
  • Made in Portugal